Top Ten Puppy Chews

By John Carter

Most puppies are prone to chewing and it is something you should expect when you take on the responsibility of bringing one home to the family. Believe me when I say a teething or bored puppy can quickly turn a rectangular coffee table into an oval. Most puppies also have a unique ability for pinpointing and destroying your favorite pair of shoes.

The good news is that there are a couple of simple steps you can take to insure your puppy doesn’t ruin everything within its reach. Exercise and play with the puppy so that he or she uses the time indoors to rest and be calm and provide several kinds of chew toys to help keep your puppy busy.

Ask your veterinarian for advice before purchasing puppy chew toys. Many will tell you to avoid rawhide items because the puppy can dislodge pieces that cause them to choke. If you do allow your puppy to have rawhide chews, make sure they are not left unattended.

Also keep in mind that most chew toys are targeted for certain size breeds. Make sure to read the label before you give your puppy a new toy to make sure it is safe for them to play with.

There are several good alternatives to rawhide treats that work exceptionally well to curb destructive chewing. Make sure that the items you buy are designed for puppies. Adult chew toys can be too hard for a puppy.

The following is a list of some of the most popular chew toys:

1. Kong Chew Toys

Kong chew toys are one of the most popular puppy chew toys and you can find them in almost every pet store. Veterinarians and trainers will tell you that the indestructible Kong puppy chews made from rubber can provide hours of safe entertainment for your dog. Kong toys can be filled with items such as peanut butter in order to encourage the puppy to chew on the toy and not the sofa.

2. Nylabone Puppy Chews

Nylabone puppy chews also come highly recommended by veterinarians and trainers. They are made from nylon and some are flavored to make them more attractive to puppies. There is a starter kit, which includes three different bones geared to puppies, available at many of the larger pet stores.

3. Teething Pacifier

The puppy teething pacifier can help keep a puppy busy for hours. Its soft flexible material is flavored with bacon so that puppies find it hard to resist.

4. Puppy Biscuit Blocks

Puppy biscuit blocks are designed to hold bones and other treats such as jerky.

5. Freeze ‘n Soothe Chew Toy

Petstages makes a Freeze ‘n Soothe chew toy that can be used for puppies and adults dogs suffering from gum or dental problems. The chew can be placed in the freezer and, when removed and chewed on by the puppy, can offer soothing comfort to irritated gums.

6. Rope Toys

Rope toys are also good for teething puppies. In addition to offering relief for sore gums, the rope toys are ideal for tug-of-war and fetching games.

7. Orka Stick

Petstages Orka Stick is often attractive to puppies because of its size. The stick measures about seven inches in length and one inch in diameter.

8. Rubber Squeaky Toys

Rubber squeaky toys can provide hours of entertainment and relief from sore gums. However, you should supervise your puppy with squeaky toys. Many a dog has swallowed a squeaker!

9. Tennis Balls

Tennis balls are an inexpensive means of providing a puppy with a fun, chewable toy.

10. Ruff Puppy Teethers

Ruff puppy teethers are designed to massage sensitive gums.

It is best to make sure that Rover has at least three chew toys. Should the puppy get bored with one, he or she can choose another.

Also, don’t be afraid to try new toys! It can take time to figure out what toys will stop your puppy from chewing on leg of a chair. Eventually, you will find a set of toys that your puppy loves and will turn to time and again.

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