What Is Your Purpose Of Getting A Dog?

By John Carter

A dog is man s best friend and it always tries to please its master, plus a dog possesses certain abilities which are not available to us humans: -abilities like keen sense of smell, explosive speed etc. These qualities and abilities give a dog a unique position of power.

Unfortunately, there is a tendency among us to use this power of dogs for security or self protection purposes. There is no harm in utilizing a dog s service for security related purposes. But this tendency can back fire when a dog is solely used as a machine to provide security for the master ignoring the dog s own needs. And most of the time when someone gets a dog with the sole purpose of personal protection and security, the needs of the dog goes unfulfilled and the dog is never accepted as a member of the family.

A dog is a social animal and it needs to belong to a group. It needs to play, needs patting, exercising: fulfill a dog s needs you will have a good dog. Chain it to an isolated place, beat it, you have a bad dog.

Also there is inherent danger involved in training a dog to be mean with intruders or strangers. A dog, trained in such manner can make a mistake and attack a stranger and cause serious bodily damage which may attract legal hassles.

So get a dog and make it a part of your family and your life, play with it, walk with it, this way the dog will be a wonderful companion of yours. Never treat your dog as security apparatus. Never teach it to be mean with strangers. Otherwise you will have tough-time controlling your dog instead of fun-filled-hours.

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