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By John Carter

A pet parent may have wondered about the best timing to feed their pet in some instances. Like humans, pets thrive on routine and food habits play a vital role in their health. We usually eat breakfast between 7 in the morning. After that, we eat lunch between 2-3 and dinner at around 9. We follow a strict schedule of eating and sleeping. We are usually eating snacks in between. However, the problem is: do our dogs follow the same routine for eating?

The routine may be perfect for humans, but dogs’ digestive system is quite different from the human digestive system and needs an appropriate schedule for feeding. Many people who are not familiar with pet eating timing ask this question: shall they feed the dogs simultaneously as they do for themselves? Then, when is the best time to schedule your dog to have meals? It is essential to consider various factors that depend totally on you, such as your routine, your pet’s activities and age.

A Guideline On Feeding Your Puppy At The Right Time

When you search web-based sources, you’ll find various answers regarding how much food you can feed your dog. There is no definitive answer as each pet owner has their preferences for when they provide their pet. Today, we’ll look to discover the most common routines related to feeding schedules.

The most appropriate feeding schedule the way you feed your dog:

Best Timing To Feed My Dog

One of the most famous methods used by most dog people is “timed eating,” meaning that you feed your dog two meals a day, with a 7-11-hour interval between meals. When you provide your dog, you must give your pet 30 minutes to consume the food and then take out the remainder. Your dog’s stomach takes about 4-6 hours to digest the food, so a 7-11-minute interval doesn’t seem like a long time, even though it may seem long to us. The signals for hunger are sent at around 8 hours and less than that in rare instances where dogs are hungry after four hours.

After 8-12 hours, the brain will send messages to your dog’s stomach receptors. If you give food to your dog at 7 am, surely you should take it out to walk it so that it can pass the puke. Once this has been completed, you’re ready to go for work as quickly as you can when you’re done.

This technique is ideal for people who need have to be working for long hours.

They have to keep 8-12 hours between feedings. This lets them feed their pet in the early morning before heading off to work. The dog has enough appetite to have its next food when they return. Your dog will stay well-nourished and healthy since this is the most effective way to feed your pups. If you’re a puppy and want to provide it four times per day, feeding it twice isn’t enough to last the entire day. Similarly, If you own a lively puppy or an older dog, you will need to eat four meals per day.

Feeding Your Pet Once A Day

Another method of feeding the dog would be to offer your dog food only once per day, usually at night. If you provide your dog breakfast in the morning, it will play, and the food is taken up by late in the evening, and he’ll get hungry again. The best option is to feed your dog in the evening since it can help him stay asleep with a full stomach. It is also possible to go out with your dog after eating at night to help digest food later in the evening.

The Option of Free-Feeding

A method that is becoming increasingly popular for feeding your pet is to give the dog the choice of what to eat. This means you let your pet choose the time that it would like to consume its food. You have all you need to do is feed your dog a substantial amount of food in one go and then let it decide when it would like to consume the food. To do this, you should always use dry food rather than wet food to prevent any mess.

This method is perfect for dogs who consume many calories during the day. This is a requirement that your dog either be an active pet or one that must feed its pups. This approach is ideal for dogs who are healthy weights and consume many calories each day. The amount of food consumed by these products is not easy to determine, So a good idea will be to allow the dogs a choice.

This method is not recommended for dogs who do not consume many calories daily. If your dog isn’t active, it will sit around or eat. If he drinks more food, is less busy, and is not working as hard, he could gain weight and be obese. It might be best to fill your bowl of pet’s food bowl and then leave to work. Dogs will eat at any time they feel hungry. However, it is essential to allow your dog to defecate after eating.

The central issue of this method is that the food is exposed to pests and insects. There may be ants or other insects in the dog’s food which could be the source of certain illnesses. Rodents, cockroaches, and ants could eat a portion of the meals. This isn’t a good idea for dogs with diabetes.

They Look Great, but They’re Always Full

Looking over the commercial pet food label guidelines will be the foundation for deciding how much to feed your pet. If they seem hungry all often, you may require providing them more. Be aware that some dogs always be hungry and already overweight. It is possible to need a diet that is more than enough for people to eat.

The food quantity that your dog will require will change according to the circumstances.

The dog you love is active or is nursing or pregnant.

  • The weather is very extreme, either hot or cold.
  • Your pet may be recovering from surgery has an infection.

For Puppies

The veterans suggest that puppies should be fed at least four times daily. Just like human babies, puppies require food three times per day. After eating:

  1. Take your dog outside to walk around and eliminate it.
  2. After each meal, walk your dog for about 30 minutes.
  3. Take it after breakfast, then lunch, and at the end of dinner, take your dog for a walk to aid digestion.

For Senior Dogs

A senior dog does not require food three times a day. You can feed your dog just once a day with a balanced diet. At first, it is necessary to provide it twice a day until it is fed only once per day. It is advisable to consult with your vet before feeding your dog regarding the number of pets you’ll need.

For Dogs That Are Hyperactive

If you have a very active one, you must give it food three times daily. Many breeds have a high metabolic rate, which means that their food is digested quickly. If you have A Terrier or Vizsla, you’ll need to feed it three times a day.


Being a pet’s parent, you need to understand your pet’s requirements. It would help if you taught him to eat his food as often as you’d like to every day. All dogs require different amounts of food and different quantities at various timings. Some dogs love eating three times a day and are super active, while some only eat one time and remain active throughout the day. You must ensure a balance of your dog’s diet and feed him according to his time.

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