How Long Do Cats Live Indoors

By John Carter

Owning a cat not only is a major privilege, it’s also a commitment and responsibility. After all, these beauties that are fluffy are currently living, breathing creatures. They require a lot of care that ranges to the scheduling of appointments that are veterinary.

How long do cats live indoors

Indoor cats live from 12-18 years old. Many may live to be in their early 20s. The earliest reported cat lived to be an amazing 28 years old.

How long do outdoor cats live

The cat lifespan that is normal is nowhere near as long. According to the Willamette Humane Society in Oregon, cats who go outdoors usually live only 3 to 5 decades. Outdoor is full of threats to cats, such as rock salts during the winter, and creatures which range from skunks to coyotes.

Longevity Benefits of Indoor Cats

The “normal” life expectancy for an indoor cat is significantly more than that of felines who reside outside full-time or part-time. Is protected from plenty of dangers. For example, a vehicle won’t runs over her. She won’t get into a fight with a neighborhood cat. Weather won’t imperil her. She won’t be snatched up by a stranger. She will not catch an infectious disease — such as rabies or the feline leukemia virus — from a stray or feral cat.

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Tips for cat owner

There are things you can do to assist your friend to live happily through their golden years.

  1. Observation – your role is vital in discovering small changes to your cat’s behavior or overall well being. You can do this by performing a weekly mini-physical examination yourself (if you’re unsure about the way to
    do this, ask us next time your cat visits).
  2. Regular veterinary check-ups including a physical exam
  3. Balanced diet to suit your cat’s age
  4. Maintain a healthy weight range
  5. Exercise – regularly engage in moderate playtime
  6. Provide a stress-free environment

How long do tabby cats live

Tabby cats, with their patterns, are often confused as a breed of their own. The tabby marking is a coat pattern that is found in many cat breeds. This makes determining the typical lifespan of your tabby kitty catchy.

Your tabby cat’s breed is a fantastic place to start. Healthy crossbred tabby cats often live an average of 14 years, but this number may change if your cat is part of a longer or shorter-lived cat breed.

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How long do calico cats live

Like cats that are tortoiseshell, calico cats come in a wide array of breeds. They share the health problems in men and the same sex preference as tortoiseshells.

This is because the calico coloring occurs when there are two X chromosomes.

This means that in order for a cat to have a calico pattern, he wants to have an XXY chromosome, which may result in health problems, sterility, and a shorter lifespan.


Cats are living longer than ever. With improvements in nutrition and medicine including therapeutic agents and vaccines, cats are living to over 15 years old and sometimes over 20 years old. Life expectancy depends upon a lot of things, such as one important factor – if your cat is an indoor-only cat or an outdoor cat.

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