What Can I Put On My Dogs Cut – Dog First Aid

By John Carter

Have the knowledge to provide first aid when a dog is injured is the thing that must be known for the dog owner. Because, dogs can get hurt anytime at home, in the backyard or play in the park. well for those of you who want to know how first aid for injured dogs, read this article below.

What can I put on my dogs cut?

Supplies needed at home

  • Water-based lubricant (e.g., KY jelly )
  • Electric razor, scissors, or clippers
  • Warm water
  • Sterile towels (paper or fabric)
  • Antiseptic solution
  • Antimicrobial ointment

Stop and control bleeding

As it’s a human, the notion of stopping bleeding in a dog is the same. Use constant pressure with a clean piece of gauze or a towel (based on the size of the wound). It is also possible to elevate the limb for bleeding on limbs. To get a wound that is bleeding you should seek veterinary attention.

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Clean the wounded area

In the event of shallow wounds or abrasions (which could even be brought on by irritation due to the rubbing of a collar, scratching, etc), you can treat them much like you would your own skin. Wash them with a little bit of warm water and antibacterial soap, clip back any coat which may get in the wound and cause additional contamination and employ a few non-irritating antibacterial ointment into the cut (like Neosporin). Trying to bandage the wound will usually encourage dogs to lick at the bandage because they don’t usually put up with things! If necessary, you can acquire an Elizabethan Collar (aka a “lampshade”) in a local pet supply store to prevent further aggravation of the region. Watch fixes for swelling discoloration or odors the cut can get infected.

In More Serious Cases

Wounds, lacerations that are serious and cuts have a possibility of becoming infected and have to be treated by a vet. Since it’s typical for abscesses to form under certain types of wounds your pet will be put on antibiotics. Occasionally there’s damage to the tissues beneath a wound which will need treatment. So as to heal 12, wounds may require sutures.

Impaled Objects

If your dog has an object that is imbedded or is impaled on something, don’t try to remove the thing! Rush him/her to the emergency clinic that is nearest. Dislodging the thing can do more harm than good.

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