Some Stupefying Facts About Feist Dog Breed That You Need To Know

Selecting the ideal dog or puppy for your home and family isn’t easy because you need to consider a variety of factors, including temperament and activity level. It is possible to avoid buying the Feist breed since it’s not a modern dog breed. The species is popular throughout South America and has Mountain Feist or Treeing Feist. As a dog lover, You may have heard about the different characteristics of various breeds like German Shepherds that are secure, Labradors are friendly, Border Collies are intelligent, and numerous others. However, you haven’t seen much talk about aggressive dogs.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a pet for your home or family, make sure you read this article. You might be able to reconsider your decision after learning the amazing details about Feist dogs, and then you have decided to choose it over others breeds.

Introducing The Pride Of The American South


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It is beneficial to know the history of the breed of dog called Feist before discovering the fascinating details. Many people think that the origins of the Feist dog originated from a man called Raymond Feist because he had numerous Feist dogs in his house. Some believe that the name is derived from an older German term meaning “fart.” These dogs were popular within the South as hunting dogs. These dogs have learned to locate their prey throughout the wilderness due to their tiny dimensions. Due to their gentle nature, hunters love to keep them company.

Through the breeding of terriers and hunting dogs, The earliest Feist dog was born. Are you aware that American Kennel Club doesn’t recognize Feist dog breeds? While The Continental Kennel Club and United Kennel Club do.

A variety of references have been made throughout the ages about Feist dogs in movies and literature by famous people like Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Lincoln wrote his poem “The Bear Hunt,” where he speaks of the small size and extraordinary intensity of the Feist dog in the course of hunting. In two other poetry, “The Bear” and “The Yearling,” the dedication to the Feist dog is praised and recognized.

The Most Incredible Facts About The Feist Dogs Include:

1.  Are Feist Dogs Jack Russell Terriers?

Many people mistake an aggressive dog with a Jack Russell because they think they are both of one breed. If you’re not sure of your understanding of the breeds of dogs and breeds, it’s best to consult a veterinarian who will inform you on the different breeds of dogs, their species, requirements, and so on. You can’t mistake an adolescent bulldog and a Labrador similarly, similar to how you shouldn’t be confused between a Feist or a Jack Russell dog. There is a certain degree that both breeds have a similar appearance, but when you examine the specifics of these dogs, you’ll notice many distinct features that distinguish them.

Difference Between A Feist Dog And A Terry

Feist dogs have a smooth and soft coat while the coat of Jack Russell is rough.

The Feist dog breed has short tails as well as long legs. Jack Russell has longer tails and shorter legs.

Feisty dogs are peaceful and calm when they’re not hunting. However, they are more agitated, and Jack Russell is more combative and passionate.

When considering the two kinds of Feist dogs, there isn’t any obvious distinction between the two breeds. Some believe that the importance of Mountain Feist and Treeing Feist is their size, but others believe that there is no physical difference is evident between the two. The only difference between the two kinds of Feist dog is recognition.

  • The Treeing Feist was recognized in 1998 by the United Kennel Club and in 2002 by the United Canine Association.
  • The Mountain Feist was recognized in 2015 by the United Kennel Club, and American Kennel Club does not yet recognize it.

2.  Agility Of A Feist Dog Is Unmatchable

A Feist dog could grow up to 18 inches tall and weigh as much as 20lbs. However, they are among one of the fastest and powerful breeds with such a small size. They don’t exhibit much uniformity in their behavior and appear to be a bit sloppy, and are small in stature. Their genetics are an eclectic mix of Jack Russell Terrier, Manchester Terrier, Smooth Fox Terrier, along White English Terrier.

The coats of Feist dogs are short-haired and are shed-free and are available in a variety of tricolor combinations such as white and blue, brindle and black, and white, black, and red. Did you know your Feist canines are not allergic? That means they experience no allergic reactions. If you’re looking for a more relaxed dog, let me inform you this: Feist dogs are full of energy that they must use in a sport. Therefore, if you’re looking to have a dog that lives in your home, it’s not a great choice.

3.  An Amazing 4 Legged Companion

If you’re a very athletic person seeking an animal companion to keep up with you and keep up with them, then a Feist dog is a perfect choice. Their history with hunting has proven how active the dogs are. They are trackers but not retriever dogs. Therefore, you can keep one in your home as they are a bit playful. They don’t require much maintenance due to their cleanliness and overall health.

Many reasons can convince you to go along with the Feist.


Feist dogs aren’t inherently aggressive. They are a dog who is devoted and wants to please their owner. They consider the position of man’s best friend very seriously and demonstrate that they are.


If you return to an empty park or space, this dog is always on the lookout. If anything moves in the vicinity, including squirrels, the dog will be alert immediately.


An active pet who is not afraid to face any obstacle. They love hunting squirrels, so ensure it is the leash if you have an aggressive pet on your property.


This breed was bred to hunt and can be a sharp knife. A Feist dog masters the art of chasing very quickly and can also follow commands.

4.  Have A Rat? Get A Feist

If you’re experiencing an occasional rodent or mouse issue and you’re not sure how to solve it, then count upon your Feist to take care of this issue for you. In the realm of behavior, loyalty is the thing the Feist pet will do for you. A Feist dog will do whatever it takes to delight your family members and will cherish you to pieces. This breed is ideal for children because they are trustworthy and friendly.

A hunting dog’s sense of smell, sight, and hearing of a fierce dog is refined. If you have rodents on your home or farm, the dog can keep unwanted visitors. They will quickly chase rodents away using their powerful senses and speed. They are hunters to locate and not hunt or return unwelcome gifts. You can help encourage the behavior of your pet by rewarding the behavior.

5.  How Long Can A Feist Dog Live

The typical Feist pet can live for between 13 and 14 years old. However, certain Feist has been found to live for more than 18. Feist dogs are not likely to get sick due to their strong immune system. However, it is important to take care of their health. Although they’re strong and live longer, they also have flaws. There are many common ailments that your Feist might be afflicted with because they have a genetic. The most common health problems include:


From food allergies to pollen allergies from pollen to food allergies, from pollen allergies to food, Feist can suffer from many allergies. It is important to search for any allergic reactions and then note their cause. When you have identified the substances your dog is allergic to, you must avoid these substances. To protect your dog from any future allergies, bring it to a vet who will determine the most significant symptoms and the root cause, which will prevent future.

Patellar Luxation

If the knee joint is created in a way that is not normal, it can cause the joints to move off-center, leading to an issue called Patellar Luxation. Many dogs have lived with this disease and enjoying a good life, but the vet may suggest medications that could help treat the condition.

Elbow Or Hip Dysplasia

A rare skeletal disorder that is seen in dogs of smaller size. The knee joint bones begin to grow abnormally, causing friction and rubbing within the joint. The joint is unstable, due to which the pieces of cartilage and bone break off. Your dog may suffer from arthritis due to the discomfort and the breaking. If you recognize the problem earlier stage, surgery may save your pet.

If your pet is protected from these ailments, It could live for 17-18 years old, which is an ideal and healthy age to live.

6.  The Smart Breed

The breed can be as quick as Tack. An aggressive dog learns quickly, making it an absolute pleasure to train. The species is always determined to impress and achieve excellent results in the hunt. It is a highly intelligent breed, making it enjoyable to teach and command. The instinct to hunt in this breed comes from its Terrier side. Since they’re quick to master new things, they are great pets for pet owners. It is helpful to have an experienced person who could guide you through learning the habits of your Feist.

7.  How Much Does A Feist Dog Costs

A Feist dog from a shelter isn’t as expensive as one bought from an animal breeder. Adopting the Feist at a breeding facility will cost between $400 and $500, while adopting the rescued one can cost 300 dollars. If you visit the breeder, make sure you inquire about the health condition and lineage of the puppy. There are many breed combinations that the Feist could originate from because they come from a wide range of backgrounds. If you know the breeders of your Feist, you will be able to learn plenty about their temperament, size, and look shortly.

8.  The Best Hunting Dogs

They are mostly used for hunting rodents. They aren’t retrievers that hunt, kill, and bring the dead victim back. The Feist can be described as a tracker tracking down unwelcome creatures. They pursue it until it is buried in a tree, a hole, or is shot by the owner. Their high-energy levels enable them to complete their tasks exceptionally. However, if you’re an animal lover that isn’t on the farm or doesn’t have any desire to hunt. You must ensure that your Feist has time to channel its energy in a specific direction. You can engage your pet in a variety of actions such as:

  • You can use it as your running partner.
  • Play fetch with your pet.
  • Walk for long periods in the park.
  • Please provide it with an activity feeder or other games to stimulate the energy.

Types Of Feist Dogs

The different breeds of Feist dogs are distinct from each other and are not alike in any way. These include:

  • Charlie Feist
  • Buckley Feist
  • Denmark Feist
  • Gray Feist
  • All-American Feist
  • Mountain Feist
  • Treeing Feist
  • Kemmer Feist
  • Pencil Tail Feist

Is A Feist Right For You?

If you’ve now learned all the amazing features of the Feist dog breed and you may be looking to find one. But the Feist dog isn’t easy and tranquil, and you cannot cuddle with your pet on the sofa. They are an animal that hunts, is extremely energetic, and enjoys being outdoors. It is ideal for families planning their weekends and having picnics rather than staying at home every day. Certain Feist does not make a good fit in an apartment as they require a lot of space and do not like being in a cramped space. It would help if you took time away from your hectic schedule to spend with your Feist as it has to release its energy all day.

If you want to purchase a Feist dog for yourself, it is better to go with an animal breeder rather than a pet shop since a breeder can provide you with a purebred dog.

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